The Swedish Way

Swedish neonatal care ranks among the best in the world. More preterm babies grow up to become healthy kids in Sweden than in most other countries.

We do everything for our preterm babies to give them the best possible start, reducing potential health issues later in life. One key success factor is individualized nutrition. Each preterm baby is given tailored nutrition, using target fortification of breast milk.

We believe strongly in individualized nutrition. Practiced at all of the country’s neonatal units, it helps to give Swedish preterm infants the best possible start in life.

Target fortification: Because every child is unique.

Scientists in most countries agree that the mother's own milk is the best nutrient source for preterm babies. However, breast milk changes in composition over the course of lactation and varies within and between feeds. The right nutritional composition is essential for each unique preterm baby. In Sweden, we take this into account and use target fortification to avoid over- or undernutrition, thereby reducing the risk of related negative effects.

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4 easy steps to target fortification.

All preterm babies need extra nutrition. But the breast milk they are fed differs in fats, carbohydrates or proteins, whether the milk is their mother’s own or donated. Ensuring the right nutrition is essential for every infant’s health and future quality of life.  

Target fortification is a straightforward process, carried out in 4 easy steps.

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Any questions about target fortification?

Although fortifying breast milk for preterm babies is a straightforward process, we have gathered some frequently asked questions and answers to help you make an informed decision about implementing individualized nutrition in your daily routine.

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What do Swedish experts say?

There is a common view that individualized nutrition is essential for preterm babies. Please have a look at the interviews below to find out in more detail what Swedish experts have to say about target fortification and how to ensure proper nutrition for preterm babies.

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Are there any studies about target fortification?

Yes, target fortification is a thoroughly studied topic. For your convenience, we have published a collection of links to publications and supporting documents related to neonatal nutrition.

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Target fortification in 4 easy steps.

Scientists in most countries agree that breast milk is the best nutrient source for preterm babies. However, there are different options about fortification. In Sweden, we use target fortification to avoid under- or overnutritioning, thus reducing the risk of related negative effects.

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About The Swedish Way.

The Swedish Way is an unofficial, non-governmental appeal courtesy of Swedish target fortification provider Miris. The appeal serves to raise international awareness of target fortification as a means to optimize the nutrition of human milk for premature babies. Miris’ target fortification procedure and equipment is registered for clinical use in Europe by the Swedish Medical Agency. In its Swedish home market, Miris’ procedure has emerged as a de-facto standard for target fortification, and is currently used by 94% of the country’sneonatal care units (May 2018).

The Miris brand is owned by Miris Holding AB, a public company listed at Spotlight Stock Market, which is a Swedish trading platform.

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